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Triangle’s motto is ‘maximum prevention, minimum intervention’. Our team of hygienists will offer you the best advice in keeping good dental health. They work closely with the dentists to treat gum disease and to ensure that patients are able to look after their own teeth with effective hygiene measures at home. For patients who are prone to gum disease or gum inflammation they can tailor a preventive maintenance program. They also provide regular cleaning and polishing treatments to keep smiles looking beautiful.

Our Hygienist Team are:

Gemma Chapman BSc - GDC registration no: 244633

Heather Chard DDH - GDC registration no: 5131

Bridget Grantham EDH - GDC registration no: 1858

Susan Mackie EDH - GDC registration no: 6475

Helen Thame EDH - GDC registration no: 1530

All the hygienists at Triangle are fully qualified and are registered with the General Dental Council

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