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Triangle Dental is one of the largest providers of private dentistry under Simplyhealth Professionals in the Thames Valley.

Routine Care
As a Denplan patient you pay a fixed amount every month which entitles you to all the routine care and treatment you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy. This includes check-ups, routine treatments, x-rays and hygienist treatments, and crowns, bridges and inlays (excluding laboratory costs). Family group discounts are available (up to 15%). You are also covered for emergencies.

Emergency Care
Emergency dental care is available whenever and wherever you need it with Supplementary Insurance, which is arranged on your behalf by Denplan. This means that you are covered for emergencies, even when you are away from home. You will also have access to Denplan’s 24-Hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline which can help you find a dentist wherever you are in the world.

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Price List

 TREATMENT  Private fee

 Initial consultation (new patient)

 £80  £56.00

 Routine examination (includes x-rays if needed)

 £56.00  inclusive

 Hygienist session

 £55.50 - £111  inclusive

 Fillings:  Silver

 £85 - £235


 Fillings:  White

 £115 - £260  inclusive

 Root fillings

 £260 - £690  inclusive*


 £700 - £1,000

 Lab fee only (£150-£300)


 £480 - £3,000  Lab fee only (£100-£800)


 from £80  inclusive*

 Sports mouth guard

 £62  £62

 Tooth whitening

 £390  £390
 *Complex root fillings and ‘difficult’ extractions may be referred to a specialist. Your Denplan fee does not cover this.















 Denplan Care

 Category A

 per month


 Category B

 per month


 Category C

 per month


 Category D

 per month


 Category E

 per month


 Denplan Essentials - with 10% discount on dental treatment

 Category A

 per month


 Category B

 per month


 Category C

 per month



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