At Triangle Dental we look after approximately 3000 children. We routinely screen all children for potential orthodontic problems, and we generally refer patients to our local orthodontic specialist colleagues either in Tilehurst (www.parklaneorthodontics.co.uk), Reading  (www.the-orthodontic-centre.co.uk) or in Newbury (www.newbury-orthodontics.co.uk) when a fuller assessment is indicated – usually between the ages of 10 – 12.

Donna Judge is providing adult orthodontic treatment with the Inman Aligner, a new technique that is able to achieve straightening for front teeth in a very short space of time – typically 8 -12 weeks.

There is no age limit to having orthodontic treatment, and an increasing number of adults are enjoying the benefits of straighter teeth and better smiles too. For adults who need more comprehensive orthodontic treatment we are very happy to refer for assessment and treatment too.

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